and the increasingly predatory tech ecosystem
Communist ideology creeping into the Creator Economy thought leadership pieces is cause for concern. Crypto is a libertarian dream, not a communist one…
Suspending Your Disbelief is Harder with Product PlacementsListen now (3 min) | Zoom's very awkward product placement in the Handmaid's Tale season 4 finale
The China Blind SpotListen now (2 min) | How people in the West think of and talk to China has a major blind spot
I remember the last meeting I had before the pandemic. We met at some bar/restaurant to discuss a project that never materialized. But it was in that…
In his last letter to the Amazon shareholders Bezos gave some parting advice
A detailed step-by-step use of a purchased list and why you shouldn't use one
contents // follow the voice, army of 1, sell their trade better than your wares, i have so many questions
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The Panda Mistake